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heritage No2

smoked wild apple vodka

Our inaugural vodka encourages you to be a part of Silverstone’s story. Invite your senses to take you for a walk along the hedgerows of Silverstone as you taste the crisp, tangy notes of the wild apples found in abundance among the local flora. All the while the inviting smell of bonfire smoke provides a warm and rich sensation leaving its sweet, caramel taste to linger on your tongue.

Silverstone Distillery Heritage No.2 is a true celebration of the village’s rich history, completely unique in both flavour and ingredients.


the story

For every ring that forms within the trunk of a mighty oak tree its strength and resilience builds, allowing it to stand the test of time and be remembered in years to come. The same can be said for the wood merchants of Silverstone’s past who grew stronger and more prosperous with every pull of the saw and blow of the axe.


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