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military spirit


A bold, artisan gin inspired by a rich military history. The end product is a captivating aromatic gin distilled with an enticing blend of native British botanicals with both historical and current military connotations.

Juniper berries, gorse, yarrow, lime flowers, hawthorn berries and heather. 


charitable spirit

For every 70cl bottle of gin sold, a donation of £5 will be paid in support of SSAFA the Armed Forces charity. The partnership of Military Spirit and SSAFA is our opportunity to thank and support the services which help to protect and serve our nation.


the story

Military Spirit was first founded and distilled on military soil - Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire to be precise. However it’s new home is now in the heart of Silverstone, a stone’s throw from the world famous race circuit which started life as an RAF base.

The brainchild of two highly experienced members of the British army, the founders of Military Spirit wanted to celebrate the passion and dedication of the nation’s service personnel in a way that everyone could enjoy. At the same time supporting a charitable cause that provides lifelong support to our Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

However it wasn’t long into production and the founders had to take a step back from Military Spirit, leaving the award-winning and charitable Gin with no fixed address and a growing number of fans!

When Steve, our owner heard of this travesty and took the opportunity to re-home the spirit at our new distillery. Plus, being a much-loved Gin supporting an amazing cause, combined with the historical track ties and Steve’s family military history dating back generations, provided the perfect excuse to bring Military Spirit under the wing of Silverstone Distillery and it’s been right at home ever since!

So there you have it, an honest gin with an incredible journey but still with the British forces at its very core.

For more information about Military Spirit and how we support members of the Forces, past and present, head to


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