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oaked ginger

Enjoy the welcoming warmth of ginger within this serve as our unique gin, featuring 5000-year-old oak breathes earthy life into the warming tones of the botanicals and ginger ale. 


• 50ml Silverstone Distillery Heritage No1 Oak Rested Gin

• 150ml ginger ale
• 1 segment of orange

• 1 orange peel to garnish


Serve in a tumbler or Tom Collins (depending on how long you want the drink to be!). 

First, add a handful of ice cubes to the glass (the bigger, the better so that they don't melt as fast and dilute your drink). Then pour over the measure of Heritage No1 Gin, followed by the ginger ale. Finish up by slicing an orange into segments and gently squeezing one segment's juice into the glass. Then garnish with an orange peel. 

We recommend that you drink from the glass instead of a straw in order to get the full sensory and flavour experience. 

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