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Our Distillery Takes Shape With 'Outhouse By Hand'

Local artisan and master carpenter Greg Barnard showcases his talents when installing the Silverstone Distillery interior and signage.

In September 2020 we were close to finalising many milestones needed to get our distillery ready for the general public to enter (Covid permitting!). One of the key items on the list included making sure our interior design matched the quality of our branding.

Emma (our Marketing Director) had previously contacted Greg at Outhouse By-Hand for a quote at home, after seeing his work locally, and knew that his style and commercial experience was a perfect marriage for the Silverstone Distillery aesthetic. Not to mention the use of reclaimed materials and the ability to completely customise his pipework format to create plenty of hard-wearing and adaptable storage space in the distillery.

We chose to make all the tables 'modular' and on wheels so that the space could be adapted to suit the use - i.e. for a Gin School, a corporate meeting, a wedding or even just to run the still without too much clutter in the way. Greg also gave our bench seating the scaffold plank treatment to tie them in with the rest of the furniture and created some stunning external signage that will be hardy in all weathers and showcase our brand perfectly.

“I couldn't be happier with how the distillery looks. It compliments the space we have here perfectly and is truly built to last. It was important for us to work with a skilled, local carpenter who understood our needs commercially and Greg did so in spades.” Steve Hancock - Founder, Silverstone Distillery

We were also keen to display our botanicals in a way that meant that visitors could explore them up-close and Gin School students could have access to them during their class, so Greg created a bespoke storage solution that features copper piping, a visual nod to the copper of the still and another quirky, industrial design cue which we love!

We can't wait to work with Greg on more projects soon, however in the meantime you can explore his work and purchase hand-made items here.


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