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Silverstone Distillery Acquires XACHOH

Silverstone Distillery gears up for silk road arrival through acquisition of leading non-

alcoholic brand Xachoh Non-Alcoholic Spirit in London.

Today, Northamptonshire based Silverstone Distillery announces the acquisition of zero alcohol Botanical Spirits brand Xachoh, the world leading brand in zero alcohol botanical spirits.

Whilst founded in 2018, the Xachoh brand and recipes originally stems from a family with deep provenance in Persia. Xachoh pronounced (Za-Ko) is imbued with a rich and compelling heritage in herbal remedies dating back centuries to ancient Persia, an era of great learning and discovery. It was here that scholars such as Avicenna conceived the foundations of the modern distillation process and Zakariya Razi discovered alcohol though he did not drink! It’s also the birthplace of the original founder’s family, where six generations have handed down the secrets, skills and knowledge to create purposeful, pure and naturally alcohol-free spirits infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices of the legendary Silk Road.

The super-premium and above non-alcoholic market has seen significant growth in recent years with 9% CAGR and analysts expecting to rise a third by 2026(a). This is primarily due to changes in drinking habits and a desire for healthier living post COVID-19.

Joe Mayhew, Silverstone Distillery, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Xachoh into Silverstone Distillery. The Xachoh team are hugely innovative and we will continue the drive and passion they’ve used in developing this great tasting non-alcoholic botanical spirit. The acquisition of Xachoh is fully aligned with our strategy including the acquisition of products in high growth segments. We look forward to working with trade customers looking to add premium non-alcoholic drinks to their menus and increasing our consumer fan base.”

Mohamad Djahanbakhsh, Xachoh Limited, commented: I am delighted to see Xachoh’s multi-award-winning spirits have found a new home! Passionate master distillers will continue to craft Xachoh’s premium Silk Road botanicals, maintaining the exceptional quality and purposeful flavours that have made Xachoh a renowned brand in the spirits industry. Xachoh’s success has been fuelled by its distinctive branding, unparalleled quality, and flavourful blends that have secured it a spot in the largest international retail outlets and top venues in the U.K, Europe, and Middle East. As Xachoh transitions to its new home, we look forward to Xachoh’s continued growth under Silverstone Distillery’s leadership.

(a) Food Navigator



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