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the uk 'gin-naissance' shows no sign of letting up!

Move over, America. The U.K. is currently amid a “Ginaissance,” and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

Thanks to a growing number of Gin distilleries, British Gin is having a moment – and we’re not complaining. So whether you’re a fan of classic G&Ts or looking to try something new, here are five UK Gins that should be on your radar.

The UK is in the midst of a ginormous gin renaissance, with sales increasing year on year

Talk about gin and watch the eyes around you light up; after all, it seems as though the UK is going through a veritable ‘gin-naissance’ at present. Sales have been on the rise increasingly year after year in this golden age of choice, with artisans crafting bespoke small-batch gins with enticingly different flavours from traditional juniper berries to cucumber and everything imaginable in between. Gin has become an international choice for special occasions, hip bars and sophisticated gatherings alike, so there’s never been a better time to get your craft spirit on!

Gin distilleries employ around 3000 people in the UK

The employment numbers of the UK's gin distilleries are steadily on the rise! With over three thousand people now working in the industry, there is a thirst for gin-related employment opportunities (and maybe just a regular thirst for this beloved juniper-based spirit as well). This employment growth has coincided with increased exports and domestic sales which have seen double-digit increases in recent years. So while most employment sectors remain stagnant due to economic uncertainty, those employed by gin distilleries are sipping on success. Cheers to that!

This gin resurgence can be attributed to several factors, including the rise of craft distilleries and celebrity culture

Believe it or not, ripples from the gin resurgence have reached far and wide. According to industry experts, the return of this classic spirit can be credited to a few key factors, including craft distilleries capitalizing on the increase in quality spirits, along with Ryan Reynolds-levels of celebrity endorsement. In the past years, the surge in popularity has also seen people prioritize their health more – helping to make gin one of the go-to drinks for many thanks to its low sugar content and use of botanicals. After all - if Ryan is drinking it you know it must be good!

More and more people are experimenting with different gins and tonics, and there are now countless flavour combinations to choose from

The tonic has come a long way since the first 'gin and tonic' was invented. There is now no limit on what gin and tonic combination you can concoct, with tonics such as fever-tree that give an extra hint of flavour to balance out the juniper notes and a range of garnishes from the classic lime to pink grapefruit that can make your drink stand out from the rest. So why not experiment, and try different gins – whether you prefer a light fragrant one or something heady and intense – and tonics for yourself? Your taste buds will thank you!

Botanical spirits increase in popularity

It seems the spirits world is no longer just the realm of the boozers - botanical spirits are shaking things up! Increasing in popularity across the globe, low and no-alcohol options have made a real name for themselves in modern mixology and bar culture. Even veteran drinkers have embraced the trend of low-ABV spirits – the only problem these mixologists face now is finding enough low or no-alcohol options at their local liquor store to keep them busy. So cheers to botanical spirits – may your popularity continue to rise!

The gin resurgence has certainly taken the UK by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. As more people become attuned to their importance, social media and celebrity culture have played an integral role in changing perceptions of the spirit. With exciting flavour combinations emerging and different botanical spirits getting invented, we can only look forward to what new trends will come our way. We'd love to know - what's your favourite combination? Comment below and let us know! All hail gin. Cheers, and happy drinking!


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