The Story


For every ring that forms within the trunk of a mighty oak tree its strength and resilience builds, allowing it to stand the test of time and be remembered in years to come. The same can be said for the wood merchants of Silverstone’s past who grew stronger and more prosperous with every pull of the saw and blow of the axe.


The Flavour


Our inaugural gin encourages you to be a part of Silverstone’s story. Allow your senses to take you back to the village’s bustling wood mills encompassed by the vast Whittlewood forest. Savour the taste as your palate welcomes warm, oaky notes and allow your nose to get lost in the rich and inviting aromas of the forest floor. All of this is brought to life by our unique distilling process, utilising 5000-year-old oak, sourced from a wood mill nestled within a private Northamptonshire estate.

Silverstone Distillery Heritage No.1 is a true celebration of the village’s rich history, completely unique in both flavour and ingredients.


The Perfect Serve


Pour over ice and add Indian tonic and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

Heritage No1 Oak Rested Gin

  • Due to Covid19, we have sadly experienced unforeseen delays in bottle production for our Heritage range. However, we are keen to ensure that customers can still enjoy our spirits in time for Christmas 2020, so we are offering pre-order purchases until further notice and with FREE delivery across all of our spirits until the end of December!

    When you place an order for this product today, you are securing a pre-order only and will be contacted via email to confirm shipment date/time for your spirits. We thank you for your understanding.

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