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strawberry med

Allow this sweet and indulgent drink to transport you to the warm shores of an old Mediterranian city, vibrant with colour and passion. 


• 50ml Silverstone Distillery Heritage No1 Oak Rested Gin

• 150ml premium Mediterranian tonic water
• Handful of strawberries



Serve in a mason jar style glass (pictured) or your favourite, tall glass - and don't be afraid to decorate with a colourful straw and parasol! 

First, add plenty of crushed ice, then pour over the measure of Heritage No1 Gin, followed by the Mediterranian tonic. Finish up by finely slicing a handful of strawberries, adding to the glass and swirling with a stirrer or straw for a rush of colour and sweet flavour which pairs well with the peatiness of the Gin. 

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