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The refresher

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Awaken the senses and invigorate your taste buds with this crisp and vibrant serve that's scarily easy to enjoy!


• 50ml Silverstone Distillery Heritage No2 Smoked Wild Apple Vodka

• 150ml cranberry juice
• 1 slice of fresh lime

• Juice of 1 slice of fresh lime


Serve in a tumbler or Tom Collins to suit your tastes (and time!). ​


First, add plenty of chipped ice to the glass, then pour over the measure of Heritage No2 Vodka, followed by the cranberry juice. Finish up by slicing a fresh lime, giving one slice a quick squeeze into the glass and garnish with another. Zingy!

We recommend that you drink from the glass instead of a straw in order to get the full sensory and flavour experience. 

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