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Nestled in the heart of Silverstone village, amongst the lush, green South Northamptonshire countryside is Silverstone Distillery.

A small craft distillery built from the ground up with the same grit, determination and passion that undoubtedly ran through the veins of the racing drivers of Silverstone's past.

Produced in the beating heart of Motorsport Valley using some of the world's finest sustainably sourced botanicals, our Club range is a celebration of that rich history.

The Spirit of British Motorsport

club50 art image.jpg


The elegantly smooth and complex taste is best described as fresh summer garden flavours with a citrus bite, intertwined with juniper botanicals, resulting in a fresh, light gin with citrus finish.

club80 art.jpg


The elegantly smooth and complex taste you experience when you sip Club 80 Navy Strength gin is unlike anything else. That unmistakeable breath of juniper giving way to citrus elements of orange and lemon. 

club60 art.jpg

wild blueberry & acai gin

The sweet floral notes of the wild blueberry pair deliciously with the slightly bitter undertones of acai.

club90 art.jpg

lychee & Lemon gin

The subtle sweet and slightly tart flavour of the lychee complements the zesty citrus bite of fresh lemon perfectly. Intertwined with juniper and a selection of hand picked botanicals, our Club 90 is an incredibly fresh, light gin with incredible citrus elements.

club 70 art.jpg

strawberry & elderflower gin

An incredible combination of the sweetest British strawberries balanced with the most delicate notes of elderflower.  

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