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The Team


Steve Hancock

silverstone distillery

A seasoned pro when it comes to serving up a drink or two, Steve has more than earned his stripes in hospitality having been in the industry for 20 years. All about the customer journey, Steve brings an exceptional eye for detail to everything we do here at Silverstone Distillery. 


joe mayhew

silverstone distillery

With over two decades in the corporate world across industries including F1, Technology and Manufacturing, Joe brings his commercial background (and his passion for Gin, Harley’s & tech gadgets) to Silverstone Distillery.  Joe is a member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and is training to become a Master Distiller.

about us

Established in 2020 and launched amidst the adversity of a global pandemic, Silverstone Distillery harbours the same 'fire in the belly' attitude and community-led spirit that Silverstone village's ancestors possessed hundreds of years ago. 

With every drop of our high-quality distillate expertly crafted on-site in our village premises and each bottle hand-filled by our close knit team, you can guarantee the taste of drive and passion in every single sip. 

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