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Sending Our Spirits Out In Style

Conscious of our environmental impact and how our spirits arrive to customers - we chose to upgrade our packaging.

Keen to ensure our premium spirits were making their way out into the world safely, after the Christmas rush we wanted to properly explore our options when it came to packaging. It's very important to us that the choices we make as a business don't impact our environment too much or at all, so we were really pleased to find sustainable packaging producer Flexi-Hex who fit our needs (and bottles!) perfectly.

Our bottle packaging sleeves are now not only attractive and hard-wearing but are also made from 100% recycled material, reusable, biodegradable and of course recyclable too. No plastic in sight!

Our choice to use Flexi-Hex packaging is part of a wide-reaching plan to be a sustainable and conscious business and we hope to share this plan with you very soon - so watch this space!



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