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Smoked Apple Cosmopolitan

Created by the lovely team behind the restaurant Bread & Pullet in Northampton, this delicious and moreish signature cocktail is the gift that keeps on giving for those who enjoy a Cosmo but fancy a change.


  • 50ml Heritage No2 Smoked Apple Vodka

  • 15ml smoked syrup*

  • 25ml Cointreau

  • 25ml apple juice

  • 25ml cranberry juice


Pour all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake with plenty of ice then strain into a coupe glass. Finish by decorating with an apple ring.

*Smoked Syrup:

You can buy a variety of smoked simple syrups pre-made or you can create your own.

Top Tip:

To experience this cocktail at its best, we highly recommend pairing it with some delicious culinary offerings from Bread & Pullet, be sure to book a table today!

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