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Toffee Apple Sour

Invoke childhood memories of the first time you bit into this sweet, autumnal treat on a cold day by a roaring bonfire, with a unique cocktail featuring our Heritage Smoked Wild Apple Vodka. 



• 50ml Silverstone Distillery Heritage No2 Smoked Wild Apple Vodka
• Dash of lemon juice
• 20ml of egg white (medium egg)
• 10ml toffee syrup (organic caramel agave syrup is a great pre-made alternative) or to make your own, see the recipe below
• Top up with 40ml a sweet cider of your choice

To make a toffee syrup:

Add 120g of caster sugar to a saucepan with 150ml, put on a medium heat, stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar and prevent burning. Continue to stir until you have a light golden brown colour, then remove from the heat. 

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